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Leaving Maghreb Youth on the Sidelines

samedi 1er juillet 2017 par Messaoud Romdhani —
Whether they are in Tataouine (Tunisia) or in El-Houceima (Morocco), young people are facing the same problems: long-term unemployment, endemic poverty and deliberate marginalization. Instead of trying to alleviate their deplorable living conditions, governments answer their protests either (...)

Qatar, Saudi Arabia, and the Gulf Cooperation Council Crisis

samedi 1er juillet 2017 par Mouin Rabbani —
It is tempting, and not entirely inaccurate, to dismiss the escalating crisis between Qatar and a number of its neighbors as a petulant princely playground spat. Extending this tempting logic, one could conclude that decisive victory by each of the protagonists would be the optimal outcome. Yet (...)

India-Wide Rallies Held Against Lynching of Muslims, Dalits

samedi 1er juillet 2017 par Jawed Naqvi —
NEW DELHI: When it gets unbearably hot in parts of India a cloudburst ends the long spells of suffocation and suffering. The rain clouds visited Delhi all too briefly on Wednesday but they may have presaged the end of suffocation of another kind. Liberal intellectuals, worried teachers, (...)

World Heritage Watch report on the destruction of Sur

samedi 1er juillet 2017 —
A new report has been released by the World Heritage Watch on the destruction of large parts of the 7000 years old city (Suriçi) of Amed (Diyarbakir) in North Kurdistan by the Turkish state since the beginning of 2016. The World Heritage Watch Report 2017 gives wide coverage to the destruction (...)

The Lynching of a Nation

samedi 1er juillet 2017 par Manash Firaq Bhattacharjee —
Lynching is a modern form of tribalism, where enemies – differentiated by religion, race, caste or ideology – are bracketed for elimination. Fascism is not defined by the number of its victims, but by the way it kills them. Jean-Paul Sartre, 22 June, 1953. Mobs are taking over civic spaces in (...)

In Solidarity With ‘Not in My Name’

samedi 1er juillet 2017 —
Progressives in the subcontinent have long played a leading role in the struggle against discrimination targeting any group of people as well as in the struggle for the equality of all regardless of religion, gender, nationality and ethnicity. Today, too, they are in the forefront of the fight (...)

The National Project for Instilling Fear Has Reached Completion

samedi 1er juillet 2017 par Ravish Kumar —
On June 9, 2017, Basit Malik, a reporter for Caravan magazine, went on a reporting assignment to Sonia Vihar in Delhi where there is a dispute between some Muslim and Hindu residents of the neighbourhood over a piece of land. As soon as it became known that he was a Muslim, Malik was attacked (...)

François Houtart Has Passed Away

mercredi 7 juin 2017 par Bernard Duterme, Guy Bajoit
François Houtart has passed away. He founded CETRI (Centre Tricontinental) in 1976 and was its director till 2004. We are sadly, painfully mourning. From ‘third-worldism' to alter-globalism, from liberation theology to the ecology of creation, François Houtart has been and will always remain an (...)

Three Years Down the Lane, Has the Modi Government Taken the Citizens For a Ride ?

mercredi 7 juin 2017 par Ram Puniyani
On May 26, 2017, the Modi Government completed three years in office. Various programmes such as the Modi fest were organised at various places and there are plans to celebrate them in different cities across the country. The underlying message of these programmes is that Modi government has (...)

‘To Live or to Perish’ — Norman Finkelstein on the Six-Day-War and its Mythology

lundi 5 juin 2017
On May 2, James North and Phil Weiss talked with Norman Finkelstein in his Brooklyn home about the Six Day War, its history, its mythology and its impact on US Jewish life. Finkelstein then revised the transcript of that conversation. Weiss: How important was the Six-Day War in your (...)

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