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Death Wish

jeudi 4 mai 2017 par Ravi Nair
The Indian government's push, through a pliant media, for the use of plastic bullets bodes disaster for Kashmir One has to muster every last ounce of one's incredulity at the latest hare-brained idea to use plastic bullets for crowd control in Jammu and Kashmir. We are told by The Times of (...)

The Zia Generation

lundi 1er mai 2017 par Aasim Sajjad Akhtar
WHEN I insist before my students that they are part of the ‘Zia generation', some of them cringe. But it is true. Ours is a country in which the vast majority of the population — there are approximately 120 million Pakistanis under the age of 30 — was born into a society that had been transformed (...)

Prisoners Hunger Strike in Palestine

lundi 1er mai 2017 par HadfNews —
Marking Palestinian Prisoners' Day, and as over 1,500 Palestinian political prisoners enter an open hunger strike for a series of demands, HadfNews published an interview with imprisoned Palestinian leader Ahmad Sa'adat, his answers received from Ramon prison, where Sa'adat, the General (...)

Latin America’s Women-Led Movements and New Feminisms

lundi 1er mai 2017 par Laura Carlsen —
Less than a week before International Women's Day a year ago, Honduran military men trained by the Pentagon burst into her home and assassinated Berta Caceres. Feminist, environmentalist, and anti-imperialist, a charismatic organizer and a staunch opponent of the megaprojects that stole the (...)

Resistance Highways ; Finding a Place for Protest in the U.S.A.

lundi 1er mai 2017 par Katherine Cashman —
“There is nothing more powerful than the sound of marching feet” Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Public protests arise out of the unique form of each city: the systems of governance, the character of the urban landscape, and the residents that shape society. Public resistance to injustice and (...)

Kashmir : Pellet Guns, Stone Pelting and the Supreme Court

lundi 1er mai 2017 par Tapan Bose —
On March 28, during the fourth hearing of the J & K Bar Association's appeal for banning the use of pellet guns in the valley, the Supreme Court apparently told the Bar Association that it would ask the Central government to stop using pellet guns if the Bar Association was able to persuade the (...)

Kashmir : The Possibilities

lundi 1er mai 2017 par Pervez Hoodbhoy —
Kashmir needs people's struggle, not terrorism In 2003 I interviewed the late Amanullah Khan, founder of the nationalist organization Jammu and Kashmir Liberation Front, for our documentary “Crossing the Lines – Kashmir, Pakistan, India”. It remains the only one made in Pakistan that looks at the (...)

Why the U.S. Is a Bigger Threat Than North Korea

lundi 1er mai 2017 par Vijay Prashad —
A few years ago, I asked a retired Iraqi Air Force officer what it felt like to be bombed periodically by the United States in the 1990s. Whenever U.S. President Bill Clinton felt irritated, I joked, he seemed to bomb Iraq. The officer, a distinguished man with a long career serving a military (...)

‘Holy Shiver’

lundi 1er mai 2017 par Pervez Hoodbhoy —
Much of the Pakistani public, tacitly or openly, endorses violent punishment of suspected blasphemers. THE mental state of men ready and poised to kill has long fascinated scientists. The Nobel Prize winning ethologist, Konrad Lorenz, says such persons experience the ‘Holy Shiver' (called (...)

Giving a Voice to Local NGOs in a Flawed Global Aid Environment

lundi 1er mai 2017 par Jeremy Wildeman & Matteo Mazzoleni —
In a foreign aid environment dominated top-down by donors, what can we do to facilitate local ownership over the aid process? Is it possible, or is the system just too flawed? Local Leadership in Aid is Ideal, but rarely Realised There is broad agreement at even the highest levels of the (...)

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