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ACS : l'Accord sur le commerce des services est une mauvaise nouvelle pour les travailleurs et la population

Alors que des négociateurs commerciaux représentant 50 pays se rencontrent derrière des portes closes pour tenter de finaliser l'Accord sur le commerce des services (ACS) avant la fin de l'année, la CSI a publié une nouvelle analyse des informations qui ont filtré sur l'accord : À propos de l'ACS : (...)

Les exigences syndicales pour la COP22

Cette semaine, au Maroc, s'ouvrent les discussions climatiques des Nations Unies sur la façon de tenir les promesses de l'Accord historique de Paris de contenir la hausse de la température moyenne sous les deux degrés et de garantir une transition juste vers un avenir sans émissions de carbone pour (...)

"The World Social Forum Still Matters"

vendredi 4 novembre 2016 par Immanuel Wallerstein — NEWS AND ANALYSIS
The World Social Forum (WSF) has met regularly since its first meeting in Porto Alegre in 2001. And just as regularly, there have been analysts who have announced its demise as a relevant expression of the Global Left. And nonetheless, somehow, it continues to matter in the struggle for global (...)

Settler Colonialisms of a Special Type: Apartheid in Palestine/Israel and South Africa

mardi 1er novembre 2016 par Francesco Amoruso and Endika Rodriguez-Martin — November 2016,
A review of Israel and South Africa: The Many Faces of Apartheid. Edited by Ilan Pappé. Zed Books (2015). If the reader is searching for a thorough academic comparative work on Israel and South Africa, or a guide to help conceptualise their activist commitment to the Palestinian cause of freedom (...)

As Modi Dumps Palestine at UN, His Praise for Israeli Army Does India Military No Credit

mardi 1er novembre 2016 par Siddharth Varadarajan — November 2016,
In his zeal to harvest political capital from the Indian army's recent action targeting terrorists along the Line of Control, Modi has conveniently forgotten that the Israeli army's ‘valour' has been against people fighting foreign occupation. Israel is not India and Pakistan-occupied Kashmir is (...)

Norman Finkelstein: Prospects, Hope and Strategies for the Future in Palestine

mardi 1er novembre 2016 par Tommaso Segantini — November 2016,
The year 2017 will mark the 50th anniversary of Israel's occupation of Palestinian territories during the 1967 war. In this exchange with freelance journalist Tommaso Segantini, Norman Finkelstein, renowned scholar and political activist, and author of – among other works – “Image and Reality of (...)

Aruna Roy And The Grassroots Revolution In India

mardi 1er novembre 2016 par Jooneed Khan — November 2016,
In the “multiple Indias” where firebrand social activist Aruna Roy has earned herself a world-wide reputation for integrity and commitment, women of all castes, classes and creeds come together more easily than anyone else in the struggle for rights, justice and for constant deepening of (...)

The “Canada Brand”: Violence and Canadian Mining Companies in Latin America

mardi 1er novembre 2016 par VOICES — November 2016,
Executive Summary The Justice and Corporate Accountability Project of York University's Osgoode Hall Law School has documented troubling incidents of violence associated with Canadian mining companies in Latin America. In general, neither the Canadian government nor industry are monitoring or (...)

Sri Lanka: Justice Must Also Be Seen To Be Done

mardi 1er novembre 2016 par Jehan Perera — November 2016,
COLOMBO: The common cause of the National Unity Government to tackle the corruption of the past and to put an end to it in the present seemed to come apart at the seams when President Maithripala Sirisena made an angry critique of the way in which the investigations into corruption was taking (...)

A Weekend of Rights and Peace in “Another Iraq”

mardi 1er novembre 2016 par Marti — November 2016,
The Iraqi Civil Society Solidarity Initiative celebrates the tremendous success of the Iraqi Social Forum and The Baghdad Marathon for Peace in Iraq (22-24 September 2016, Baghdad). Where can you go to talk freely with Iraqis of Shia, Sunni, Kurdish, Palestinian, Christian, Eziidi, (...)

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