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UN’s Support Sought for Withdrawal of Charges Against Anand Teltumbde

lundi 4 février 2019 par The Wire —
In a letter with over 150 signatories, the charges against Teltumbde were called fabricated and the case a severe human rights violation. New Delhi: Over 90 organisations, 50 institutions and intellectuals Noam Chomsky, Jean Dreze, Sukhdeo Thorat, Vimal Thorat, Cornel West and Chirstophe (...)

Zimbabwe : Capitalist Crisis + Ultra-Neoliberal Policy = “Mugabesque” Authoritarianism

lundi 4 février 2019 par Patrick Bond —
Once again, a formidable burst of state brutality against Zimbabwe's citizenry has left at least a dozen corpses, scores of serious injuries, mass arrests, Internet suspension and a furious citizenry. The 14-17 January nationwide protests were called by trade unions against an unprecedented (...)

The Crisis in Sri Lanka

lundi 4 février 2019 par Kanishka Goonewardena —
“In the name of God, go!” Rarely have these words of Oliver Cromwell been recycled with such farce and frequency as during Sri Lanka's recent political crisis, not least by parliamentarians addressing rivals. As far as crises go, however, it was a remarkably peaceful affair outside of parliament (...)

Solidarity with the Venezuelan People

vendredi 25 janvier 2019 par GGJ —
"Grassroots Global Justice Alliance strongly condemns the aggression of the US government towards President Nicolas Maduro and the legitimate government of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela." Grassroots Global Justice Alliance strongly condemns the aggression of the US government towards (...)

Cities of Salt

mercredi 23 janvier 2019 par Shireen Zaidi
Cities of Salt, was first published in Beirut in 1984. Translated from Arabic by Peter Theroux. Published by Vintage International, New York. ‘By god, Your Excellency, we were as happy as we could be before those devils came along', said Miteb. ‘But from the first day they came to our village, (...)

Yellow Fever in France

vendredi 18 janvier 2019 par Bernard Dreano
Almost everyone agrees on the analysis of what caused this movement: the growth of inequalities, the marginalization of certain regions and social categories, austerity and neoliberal politics. Then accounts diverge. What is this yellow fever that has seized France since mid-November? Wearing (...)

‘My Hopes Lie Shattered, I Need Your Support’

mercredi 16 janvier 2019 par Anand Teltumbde
Coming from the poorest of poor families I wanted to contribute… You may have learnt from the media that my appeal for quashing the false FIR against me filed by the Pune Police was rejected yesterday (14 January) by the Supreme Court. Fortunately, it gave me to four weeks to seek pre-arrest (...)

“Landgrab is a Universal Phenomenon With Historical Roots”

mardi 8 janvier 2019 par Rushdia Mehreen —
In her new novel, Land for Fatimah, Veena Gokhale brings to life the experiences of an Indo-Canadian expatriate, Anjali, working for an NGO in a fictional African country named Kamorga. Anjali gets invested in the struggle to find land for Fatimah, a dispossessed, subsistence farmer. With (...)

Book Review : Go, Went, Gone

dimanche 6 janvier 2019 par Shireen Zaidi
Go, Went, Gone By Jenny Erpenbeck Translated from the German by Susan Bernofsky There didn't seem to be any apparent references or connections but for some reason Richard from the novel ‘ Go Went Gone', took me back to Atticus Finch of ‘ To kill a mockingbird ‘. Even though written years apart (...)

In Baghdad, the Social Forum Regains its Relevance

samedi 5 janvier 2019 par Michel LAMBERT
Last November 22nd to the 25th, I had the opportunity to participate in a little known event (at least in the North!) in Baghdad. A meeting bringing together activists of various faiths, from eleven Iraqi cities, organized around eight themes and articulating daily struggles towards social (...)

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