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Rohingyas Near End : ’Terror There Is, But It’s Of The Burmese Regime’

jeudi 5 octobre 2017 par Pierre Rousset —
The Burmese government is pursuing a policy of ethnic cleansing against the Rohingya, who are being driven out of the country. Never has the persecution of this Muslim minority reached such a level of violence. The nature of the Burmese regime, the policy of land grabbing and the geopolitical (...)

The Left and Catalonia

vendredi 29 septembre 2017 par Boaventura de Sousa Santos —
The Catalonia referendum this Sunday will become part of the history of Europe, possibly for the worst of reasons. I will not discuss here the substantive questions, which can be interpreted as being historical, territorial, respecting internal colonialism or self-determination. These are the (...)

Editor Gauri Lankesh’s Murder Hits Rights & Freedoms In India

jeudi 28 septembre 2017 —
Well-known Indian journalist and editor Gauri Lankesh was gunned down on Sept 5, 2017, by unidentified assailants. Her assassination comes on the heels of murders of M.M. Kalburgi, Govind Pansare, and Narendra Dabholkar - all outspoken critics of right-wing Hindu nationalists, killed in a (...)

The Driving Ban Was Not the Biggest Impediment to Saudi Women

jeudi 28 septembre 2017 par Medea Benjamin —
It looks like 27 years of protesting, along with international pressure and government recognition that it needs more Saudi women in the workforce, has finally paid off. In a royal decree, Saudi King Salman announced on September 26 that Saudi women, who have long been the only women in the (...)

Marx’s Das Kapital, 150 Years On....

mercredi 27 septembre 2017 par Pritam Singh —
150 years ago, Marx correctly identified the looming trend of the threat of mass unemployment due to the increasing robotisation in the modern world. In September 1867, Kapital Volume 1 by Karl Marx (1818-1883) was published in German language. This was the only volume of his multi-volume work (...)

Allahabad University Withdraws Permission for Liberty Fest

mardi 19 septembre 2017
Sep 18th 2017 The university of Allahabad withdrew at the last minute its permission for holding an event scheduled for Monday to celebrate the Indian Constitution. Among the invitees were sociologist Prof Satish Deshpande, actor Maya Rao, singer Sonam Kalra, activist for women's rights Abha (...)

Rohingya Crisis is Deteriorating Very Fast

samedi 16 septembre 2017
AN OPEN LETTER TO UN SECURITY COUNCIL TO INTERVENE TO END THE HUMAN CRISIS IN RAKHINE, MYANMAR Dear President and Members of the Security Council, Thank you for holding the UNSC meeting on Rohingya crisis most likely on September 13. The human tragedy and crimes against humanity unfolding in (...)

Myanmar : Persecution of Rohingya Muslims

mercredi 13 septembre 2017 par Ram Puniyani
Massive protests are being witnessed in many countries, Bangla Desh, Pakistan, India among others against the persecution of Rohingya Muslims in Myanmar (September 2017). This time around violence seems to have been triggered due to the attack by militants (Arakan Rohingya Salvation Army) on (...)

A Wild Flower in the Indian Wasteland, Gauri Lankesh : 1962-2017

samedi 9 septembre 2017 par Satya Sagar
On that dreadful evening of 5th September, if Gauri Lankesh had seen her own corpse lying in a pool of blood outside her house she would have -I am very sure- simply smiled For even in her death she had done what was closest to her heart – expose India's saffron supremacists for what they (...)

The Lady Has Turned

samedi 9 septembre 2017 par George Monbiot
Aung San Suu Kyi should lose her Nobel Prize, as a result of her disgraceful complicity in genocide Those of us who have spent our adulthood demanding higher standards in government are used to disappointment. We no longer expect much from political leaders: to do otherwise is to invite (...)

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